Ceramic Glass Care Kit

Ceramic Glass Care Kit
Hillmark's Ceramic Glass Care Kit is essential for all ceramic cooktop owners. This cleaning and care kit contains 3 key products for ultimate ceramic glass cooktop care. All you need to care for and protect your ceramic glass cooktop is included in this care kit.

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Available: Care Kit includes 1 x Cooktop Scraper with 5 spare blades, 1 x 250ml Cerapol bottle & 1 x 250ml Ceraseal bottle.


  • Contains a Cooktop Scraper for removing spills before they cool, Cerapol ceramic cooktop cleaner and Ceraseal ceramic cooktop protector
  • Specially formulated for cleaning and polishing ceramic glass cooktops
  • Makes light work of spills, stains & marks – even those that can’t be seen
  • Guaranteed not to scratch or damage the cooktop
  • Environmentally friendly & biodegradable

Where this product can be used?

  • Kitchen in particular ceramic glass cooktops
  • Other glass surfaces around the home

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Ceramic Glass surfaces
  • Glass surfaces

Handy hints

  • Never use any abrasive cleaners or cloths, as they will scratch the surface
  • Never use any scourers or steel wool
  • Plastic & aluminium foil should never be allowed to melt on

Safety tips

  • Ensure you remove any food or cleaner residue
  • Avoid direct contact with food

View material safety data sheets (MSDS)